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Travel documents and visas

Travel documents are intended a being passports or any other internationally recognized identity card. Tourists may remain in Croatia for up to three months.
Citizens of the European Union are not required to have a visa when entering the Republic of Croatia.
Aliens not requiring visas for entering the Republic of Croatia may sojourn in the Republic of Croatia for up to 90 days over a 6 month period, including the first entry.
A complete list of Visa Regime Regulations is available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration web site:


The Republic of Croatia's Customs regulations are coherent with European Union regulations.
Foreign citizens may introduce their personal luggage without any restrictions. Foreign currency may be freely introduced and removed from the country (up to 3,000 €); and up to 15,000 kn of domestic currency. Valuable professional and technical equipment must be declared on the border.
Republic of Croatia Customs Administration:

Medical care

Hospitals and clinics exist in every large, and ambulance services, dispensaries and pharmacies also exist in small towns and villages. Foreign tourists are not required to pay for medical services if a Health Care Convention has been subscribed between their country and the Republic of Croatia. If customers come from a Country that has not subscribed to the then medical service costs will be directly charged to the customer in accordance with the price list. For patients whose lives are in danger, emergency air transport (by helicopter) or by sea (powerboat) are at their disposal. Tourists may take advantage of private doctor’s and dental services, by paying the full price for all medical services.

Sojourn check in

The sojourns check-in and the sojourn tax payments for both national and foreign guests are mandatory according to the Sojourn tax and Law on Foreignerss.For your own comfort and implementation of privilege, please check whether you have been registered from the moment of your arrival until your departure.Every accommodation service provider is obliged to register a guest’s sojourn, have a sojourn check-in certificate for each guest in every accommodation facility, and is also obliged to show the certificate should the guest request it.Your check-in is very important and necessary if you sojourn in private accommodation facilities in order to provide comfort and quality of the offer for you and in order to avoid illegal hosts who are not registered according to the law for the provision of accommodation services from working.

Time zone

GMT plus 1 hour during the winter and GMT plus 2 hours during the summer.


The national currency is the Croatian kuna (abbreviation KN). Currently in circulation are banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 KN and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 lipa and 1, 2 and 5 kn. (1 kuna = 100 lipa) Foreign currency may be exchanged in banks, exchange offices, post offices, tourist agencies, hotels, camp-sites, marinas in accordance with the current exchange rate (with or without provision). Cheques may be cashed in banks.
Card payment: Payment in the shops, restaurants and in every place where credit card symbols (Diners, American, Eurocard - Mastercard, Visa) and Eurocheques can be seen. Cash dispenser machines are also available for tourists.
For any further information, please visit the website.

Electric power

Voltage on the town’s electric power network is 220V with a frequency of 50Hz, and so visitors from the USA must use a transformer whilst visitors from Great Britain must use an adapter for the European electrical power network in order to utilize their electrical devices.


Cats and dogs owners must have an international certificate from a registered veterinarian, that their animal has been vaccinated against rabies from 15 days up to 6 months before its arrival.

Uslul links

County Bus stations:
Split bus station

County Airports:
Split airport

Ferry, ship and catamaran transporters within the County:

Croatia airlines
Croatian railways
Croatian National Tourist Board

Important telephone numbers

The international area code for Croatia is 385

The unique emergency telephone number is 112
- This number may be called at any time of day or night, independently of where you are, the telephone number is free of charge
- You may call this number if you need emergency medical help, the fire-brigade, the police, the mountain rescue service, emergency veterinary assistance, help from other services and operational forces of protection and rescue.

Police 92

Fire - fighters 93

Emergency medical help 93

HAK - Road Assistance 987

HAC - Croatian highways 0800 0422

Search and rescue at sea 9155

Veterinary surgery Trogir

Address: Stepinčeva 6
21220 Trogir
Telephone: +385 (0)21 881 429




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